Expo Astana
Opening Ceremony


Show Concept Creation


The opening ceremony of the expo 2017, “Future Energy” was held in Astana, Kazakhstan.The theme of “Future Energy” was attaining the most innovative energy-saving technological solutions, and the exhibition was a fully immersive multimedia production featuring developments in this field of science and a journey of existing alternative energy sources

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Astana EXPO-2017 JSC


Starr Project

Concept direction

Andree Verleger

Concept Creation

Andree Verleger / Alex Burgos

Stimualtes Senses

Summit of Sensations

World leaders gathered in the newly constructed Congress Center of Expo to experience a perfectly implemented mixed-media performance conceived together by Alex Burgos and Andree Verleger, with peak content immersion and an audience completely absorbed in the production.

Epic Energy: 300 Artists United

The concept of the show is an emotional story depicting the history of energy as a moving force, from the evolution of our solar system to the vision of energy in the present and the future. The show was a technically challenging multimedia presentation fusing interactive drone spheres, 3D visual effects, a specially created sound system design, aerial systems, and effective choreography performed by 300 artists, along with the clever use of light design and robotic components. It helped this expo’s opening ceremony to be an emotional stimulation of the senses.


300 artists one energy
300 artists one energy
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