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The Olympic Hall in Munich, Germany was converted into a multi-dimensional arena, and uniquely constructed stage and surroundings were scenically turned into a 3D concept space. A perfect setting for a live, virtual show and specially set up in Allianz Arena football Stadium t filled with the audience to experience the unfolding of BMW’s vision, foregone and into the future.

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BMW Group


VOK DAMS, Munich

show creation

Andree Verleger & abc Event Production GmbH & Co. KG

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Congaz Visual Media Company GmbH




germany, munich

Visionary Odyssey

The Power of BMW's Vision

What is a vision, and how has it played a decisive role for the BMW Group?
A core theme to this 40-minute show theme. Projection, specially designed kinetic light elements, Actor Rufus Beck, professional dancers, singers, aerialists, BMW trainee and of course the BMW fleet of classic/ modern cars and motorcycles meld into a new world of storytelling like no other.

Shaping the Visual Landscape

New technical innovations were created in preparation for the visual world. The highest resolution films of projected images ever made as interactive surfaces both on-screen and floor. The kinetic installation “The Bird” is the largest illuminated sphere installation worldwide with over 890 RGB lit spheres. A benchmark performance to match the visionary achievements of the BMW group’s past and future 100 years and beyond.

Embracing BMW's Visionary Story

what is a vision?
what is a vision?
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