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Mercedes Benz entrusted an artistic freedom approach with this media night press conference experience, #createthenew campaign, at the international IAA in Frankfurt, Germany. All major media outlets as well as a selection of special guests were invited to enjoy the premiere of this part show, part multi-sensory installation performance highlighting the beautiful intricacies of the human mind.Fusing artistic, graphically inspired human movement, geometrical kinetics, computative video content, and intricate light play, the performance storytelling articulates a correlation between the human mind and its ability to adapt, constantly reinventing itself while moving toward the future.

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Mercedes Benz


OSK Kommunication GmbH

show creation

Andree Verleger / Alex Burgos


Frankfurt, Germany

Human Mind

Brain's Source Code Unleashed

Sound, light and movement have become universal tools in depicting the evolution of our brain, and how this analogue organ is the ultimate human “source code” constantly rewriting itself to create new patterns of thought and ideas. Inspiration, experience, and details developed within the mind are impulses assisting in disrupting it, thereby, allowing us to create the new.

Creating the Future Now

The Mercedes Benz ME #createthenew campaign, motivated the creation of this unique piece representing disruptive inspiration. Interpreting unique discovery and its evolution live on stage and how the Mercedes brand realizes these high standards of quality to constantly recreate itself was the focus of this performance.

the human
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MB #Creating the new
MB #Creating the new
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