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Directing the Opening Ceremony for the largest international youth sport and culture festival in the heart of Europe and the middle of the Ruhr area, was an epic undertaking.The Ruhr Games involve high athletic sports performance of young international talent and urban art intermixed. Working with and integrating German rap sensation CRO was at the pinnacle of the performance.

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City of Duisburg


Ruhr Games, Essen

show creation

Andree Verleger / Alex Burgos


Germany, Duisburg

Games Unleashed

Dynamic Unity of Athletes & CRO's Exclusive Performance

Diversity, integration, and sport were all at the forefront of this multi-content performance, combining live sports action with dynamic multimedia interaction, as the athletes from various disciplines in combination with dance performers were an integral part of the Ceremony.

This spectacular video content-rich show, against a specially conceived industrial stage designed to represent the heart and soul of the region, was highlighted by an exclusive CRO performance that saw all the performers were involved.

CRO Calling
CRO Calling
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